Posted by: keystonelemur | November 19, 2008

Major setback…

Nothing is more annoying than going through tech training and computer maintinance than to come up with something on your own computer you can’t fix…

If anyone that reads this can help at all here’s what I’ve gathered on it.

First startup – Blue screen, shuts down, fixed by system repair.
Second go – Black screen with only a mouse cursor. Suspected some form of virus, restore points all wiped outm registry locking me out of editing Software and overwrites whenever I change the shell from :

cmd.exe /k start cmd.exe

Changed it once, restarted, same problem, looked in the registry and it was back.

Right about now the only things I haven’t tried are the Vista recovery disk, a Linux Live cd, and just formatting it (All important data backed up onto an alternate drive much earlier just in case, rather glad I did that now)

If anyone that reads this can help at all leave a comment or something. Thanks.


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