Posted by: keystonelemur | November 6, 2008

10 Commandments of Web Design

I. Thou shalt not use Comic Sans

It doesn’t matter what form of justification you can humanly come up with, if you’re not a grade-schooler using every font word has to offer you DO NOT use this. Comic Sans is a font that is far too cartoony and childish for any practical purposes. Period.
II. Thou shalt not design with tables

I don’t know how many sites I’ve visited that have used tables as the primary way to design a layout. Tables can be used for layouts, but the effectiveness is horrid. Tables are used for data, not layouts. CSS Based layouts are overall cleaner, easier to manage, and can be moved and modified infinitely faster than a table site.

III. Thou shalt not use the name of gradients in vain

I’ve seen far too many people use gradients so liberally that the design of their site overall suffers. In some cases I would even debate as to whether or not it can be called a design. It’s going too far if the only images you have on site are gradients, you need white space and even more so you need some actual imagery.

IV. Thou shalt stay the heck away from Publisher

Publisher deserves to be burned for all the horrific things it has let onto the web in forms of school sites and cheap business layouts. Publishers code that it generates is such a garbled mess that almost no one can translate it to english, much less valid html. Publisher sites have a nasty tendency to look cheap because of little to no control and the availible control is horrid.

V. Honor thy w3 and compliance standards

This has to be one of the most important by far. Without standards for the web there would be absolutely no order, we would have firefox only, IE only (Lord forbid…), Safari only, and etc. Imagine what that would do to the commoner looking through some sites. If your little tool or trick doesn’t stay within these standards then chances are it’s a bad idea.

VI. Love thy framework as thyself

Frameworks are a miracle in and of themselves. They save massive ammounts of time and sleep and provide an easier way to do things. Frameworks can speed up development by hours at a time making you more money, getting more hits, the whole deal.

VII. Thou shalt have no IE 6 or below before me

IE6 and below are the WORST NIGHTMARE of almost any designer and coder out there. Why is this? Because of horrid compliance to hte w3 Standards. If I could chose between inheriting Bill Gates fortune and permanetly eradicating IE 6 and below I would go with nuking IE without batting an eye.
VIII. Thou shalt not blindeth thy visitor with flourescent colors

No, Hot Pink does NOT make your site or font stand out. I’ve contracted some form of epilepsy from all the clashing and bright colors some people try and pass off as design. 3 Colors and you’re done, you jam your entire crayola set into your screen and somethings wrong…

IX. Thou shalt not hoggeth my bandwidth with hotlinkething

Image theivery is probably one of the most annoying things out there, this includes site ripping. Why exactly people believe that they can borrow someone elses work then claim it as their own for their own glory is far beyond my comprehension.

X. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors hosting package.

Or their design, or their code, or anything else of theirs for that matter. Grow up, make your own, quit sitting there bad-mouthing every design that’s better than yours in an attempt to gain some sort of fame. If you want to really get out there there’s only one real way, and that’s hard work. Might as well make hard work a curse word for some of you while I’m at it…

It’s a joke do note. I’m Christian so I’m not blaspheming this… Might go through a couple revisions.



  1. Another good one is always make sure that the main content is above the fold.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with you, and with camp185 for that matter, having the main content instantly available is a must for websites, if people have/can scroll for ages they tend to leave your website..

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